From the experience they had in the temple at Chidambaram, all the family members were jubilant as they had a God’s gift. But this did not last long. A sudden gloom took over the family. It was only a month afer their return from Chidambaram, Ramaiah pillai breathed his last. Instead of enjoying the pleasant words and the embracing hands of the father, the child was destined to lose his dear father.

The gruesome sight can only be compared to mariner, marooned in mid sea on a dark midnight. The mother was so much heart-broken and under swollen grief since she was not able to know what to do, as there was no bread winner to the family.

This worried her much as finally then, she decided to leave Marudur once for all and settle at Chinnakavanam, a village in Chengalpattu district, as it was her mother’s place, where she thought she could lead the family with the guidance of her relatives.

With the above intention, one fine morning she left the village with all her five children. Years rolled down. the elder brother grew and he showed some interest in looking after the family, and as Chennai was considered to be a place, where he can have a better career, the family was shifted to Chennai.

The house at Marudur, where ‘Ramalingam’ was born is treated as a place of worship subsequently, and at the time of Thai Poosam, people used to gather there to offer their grateful prayers.

Mr. Veera Shunmuganar, Chennai, a philanthrophist and an ardent devotee of the Saint took efforts and renovated the place, so as to be visited by the public.

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