Jeeva Karunya Part-2

JeevaKarunya Discipline Part - 2


Those who have taken the best of births in this world should know and attain, while there is enough time, the pleasure of the bliss of soul, the best thing to be achieved as early as possible.

If one wants to know the number of varieties that exists in that superior life of Bliss:

It should be understood that there are three varieties namely the life of Bliss pertaining to this world, the life of Bliss pertaining to the divine world and the life of Bliss of the Supreme.

What is called the Bliss pertaining to this world: Having got small bodily instruments and enjoying small things for some days with a little effort the bliss coming out of this is the Bliss pertaining to this world.

In this human birth, if one without any defect - in the body and the inner instruments, without lacking in material possessions and worldly pleasures, with good knowledge, without any one like hunger, disease or the fear of being killed, is surrounded by relatives, friends and neighbours, with a good natured wife who can procreate worthy progenies, enjoys things for some days - this enjoyment is called the gain or benefit of the worldly life.

What is called the bliss of the celestial or the divine world:

If one, having obtained a higher birth with superior kind of bodily instruments, enjoys greater things for many days with greater effort - that bliss is called the celestial or the next world's bliss.

What is called the benefit of or the gain, attained by the celestial bliss:

If one having got a higher birth with all the virtues mentioned in the gain of worldly bliss enjoys pure things for many days in that higher state - that enjoyment is called the benefit or gain of the celestial or next world's bliss.

What is supreme Bliss:

If one having obtained the completely full natural Bliss of God who is the personification of the full natural Truth - who by the power of the presence of his omnigracious Energy, which is but his own full natural self-existent manifestation makes all the bodies, all the inner instruments all the worlds and all the pleasures appear and exist and illumine them, enjoys that unique Supreme Bliss, at all times and at all places without even a little hindrance - that unique great Bliss is called the supreme Bliss.

What is the gain of the supreme Bliss:

The gain of the supreme Bliss is to manifest in all, as one's own self.

To know what is greatness of those who have attained the Bliss of this world:

It is to acquire the virtues like love, mercy, good conduct, humility, patience, truthfulness, purity etc., to enjoy worldly pleasures with great effort and live with fame.

To know what is the greatness of those who have attained the benefit of the Bliss of the celestial or the next world:

Having obtained the virtues like love, mercy etc., enjoying the pleasure of pure things as per wish with effort and without hindrance for many days and living with fame is the greatness of those who have attained celestial bliss.

To know what is the greatness of those who have attained the benefit or gain of the supreme Bliss:

Their body made up of the skin, the nerve, the bone, the muscles, the blood, the semen which are the products of the impure atoms of the elements which serve as causes, would have got changed into pure golden body made up of high quality gold of immeasurable carat - as the impure atoms would have changed into pure atoms; they would also have obtained the Pranava body (or the body made up of sound) which will appear as not only made up of gold but also which will not be felt by touch as the ether itself, as it is made up of the atoms of the pure elements, and also the body of knowledge which will not at all be visible as the sky. They will not be affected within by the density of the earth, even when stones and mud are thrown on them - externally they will not attack their form. They will not get chilled inside by the coolness of water. Externally even if their body is immersed in water it will not get sunk. Their figure will not be scorched by fire internally. Even when their figure is burnt by fire externally heat will not be felt or seen in their body. They will not be moved by the thrust of wind inside; their figure will not be touched or moved by the wind outside. Their body will not float when the space mingles inside. In the outside the space cannot make it float. Their bodies can walk on any base or without any base at all. Their sense organs like eyes etc., will not perceive anything, their working organs like tongue etc., will not perceive (hold on) the things seen and the things talked about, if out of mercy they want to perceive things, obstacles like wall, mountain etc., will not obstruct their vision. Their eyes can see from where they are, the things wherever they be whether inside or outside the macrocosm and microcosm. Their ears can hear from where they are the words spoken anywhere in the macrocosm and the microcosm. Their tongues will taste from where they are all sorts of tastes; their body rather skin will feel the touch of anything wherever it is, from where they are. Their nose will smell from where they are all the scents wherever they be. Their hands will give from where they are to people wherever they be. Their legs will walk from where they are to any place. Their other sense organs win enjoy from where they are in all places. Their inner instruments like mind will not hold on to any type of thing; but if it begins to hold on to anything out of mercy, it will think about and decide in a minute, all the positive and negative thoughts together of all the beings. Their intellect will not know anything in particular; if out of mercy it bings to know the particulars, it will know in a minute, all macrocosms, all lives, all characters, all experiences and all benefits together, they will be without any quality, they will not have my change within by the three qualities namely the lethargic or tamasic, the active or rajasic and the pure and peaceful or sathvic; externally their qualities will not hold on to their inner instruments. Internally they will not be enclosed by nature, externally their nature will not hold on to their qualities. They will not get changed internally by the principle of time; externally their benign body will not be obstructed by the principle of time; they cannot be measured internally by any regular measure; externally their benign body will not be contained by any outline. They will not have or rather they are beyond the tattwas or principles like Time, Divine action (Viddhai), Divine will (Raga) Divine consciousness (Purusha) etc; they will not have the activities of the tattwas. They will not be affected by Maya or illusion; they will transcend the pure great illusion (Maha Maya) and will shine as the embodiment of knowledge (Arivura). They will not be obstructed by food, sleep, sexual desire and fear. Their body will not have shadow, sweat, dirt, greying of hair, shrinking of skin, that is wrinkles; they will not become old, they will not have death; their body will not be affected by all such defects. Their bodies will not be affected or hurt by snow, frost, rain, thunder, sun's heat etc., giants (rakshasa), demons (asuras), Globlins (bhutas), devils (pisasu) etc., celestial beings (devas), ascetics (munis) human beings of hell (Narakas), animal, bird, reptile, plant etc., at any place and of any time; it will not be hurt by the weapons like sword, knife etc. It is natural for their body for the macrocosms to appear as small as atoms and for the atoms to appear as big as macrocosms. In their presence the karma Siddhis like reviving the dead, transforming the old into youth etc., Yoga Siddhis and Gnana Siddhis will manifest continuously. The activities like creation, protection, destruction, veiling and showing Grace will take place the moment they think of them. By their mere side glance the gods of the five-fold activities will do their own work. Their knowledge will be that of God. Their actions will be that of God. Their experience win be that of God. They will be omnipotent call powerful at all times and without decay always. They will not have the three impurities namely egoism, illusion and the effect of the past deeds or their adverse effects; they will be the embodiment of Omnigrace. Even an inert puny particle will perform all the five-fold activities, by their glance. Their greatness will shine in the six schools of philosopies and also beyond them transcending them. It should be understood that these are the greatness of those who had attained the benefit of the Supreme Bliss.

If one wants to know how to attain the life with the benefits of the three types of Blisses:

It should be understood that they can be attained by a portion of Grace which is God's natural manifestation and by the completely full Omnigrace.

Out of the three types of Bliss "How many can be attained by a portion of God's Grace and how many can be obtained by the completely full Omnigrace of God?".

To know this:

Life with the gains of the wordly Bliss and the gains of the celestial Bliss can be obtained by a portion of God’s Omnigrace and the gains of the Supreme Bliss too can be obtained by the completely fall Omnigrace of God. This should be understood.

If one wants to know the qualities of the Omnigrace which is God's Natural Manifestation:

It should be known, that Onmigrace shines with all the qualities of whatever the speaker speaks of; if the thinker thin of it, knower knows of it and the experiencer experiences it; as its quality is that of perfect and full manifestation, it makes the qualities of all the energy illumined, explained and exists as a portion of its own qualities.

To know where that Grace exists (or manifests):

It exists in all places and at all times like the seer, that which sees, and that which is seen; one who hears, that which hears and that which is heard; one who tastes; that which tastes and that which is tasted; the one who smells, that which smells and that which is smelt; one who enjoys union, that which unites and that which is united; one who speaks is speaker, that which speaks and that which is spoken of; the doer, that which does the action and the action that is done; the one who walks, that which walks and the place walked; the one who excretes, that which excretes, that which is excreted; the one who thinks, that which think and that which is thought of; one who enquires, that which enquires and the object of enquiry; one who decides, that which decides, object about which it is decided; one who instigates, that which instigates, the object about which instigation takes place; the knower, that which knows and the subject known; one who experiences, that which experiences and the object experienced etc.

If one wants to know how to attain that Grace:

It should be known that it can be attained by leading a life of compassion on all living beings.

How can Grace be attained by leading the life of compassion on all living beings? The Grace is God's Natural Manifestation or God's Sympathy. Compassion on living beings means the manifestation of the souls or the sympathy of the souls. Therefore obtaining the great manifestation with a small manifestation which is a single instrument and obtaining the great sympathy with a little sympathy is possible as a big fire can be kindled by a small fire; this should be understood.

Therefore, leading a life of compassion on living alone is called the good or virtuous path. When compassion on living beings manifests, knowledge and love will manifest and stand by it. Then helping tendency manifests; and by the helping tendency all benefits will appear.

When compassion disappears, knowledge and love will disappear together immediately, therefore, the tendency to help will disappear; when the helping tendency disappears all evils will appear. Therefore it should be understood, that virtue is compassion on living beings only and vice is to be lacking on compassion only. Moreover it should be known that the manifestation that occurs while leading a life of compassion on living beings, is nothing but the manifestation of God and the bliss that comes out of it nothing but the divine Bliss. It should be known as the sworn Truth that God's manifestation is nothing but the manifestation that occurs on leading a life of compassion, the bliss coming out of it is divine Bliss and only those wise men of perfection who enjoy the feeling of fullness by understanding, attaining and enjoying those manifestations and Bliss for a long time, time and again are the liberated ones who have attained the Supreme Bliss mentioned above and that they are the only ones to know God by knowledge and to become God Himself.

To know the definition of leading a life of compassion on all living beings:

It is to lead the life of worshipping God, by the melting of the soul, which generally occurs to beings towards other beings.

How can one worship God by the melting of the soul towards other beings?

When mercy, which is the melting of the soul of beings towards other beings, goes on blossoming and blossoming, Grace which is God's Manifestation within that soul, will emerge out and shine fully. When that divinely Grace shines, divinely Bliss or Supreme Bliss is experienced and then the experience becomes full. The process of that experience blossoming into fullness is called the worship of God.

To know how God's Grace within that soul manifests when the soul of a being goes on melting and melting:

Butter emerges when curd is churned due to friction; fire Memerges when a wood is churned by another wood, due to friction. Similarly Grace emerges when soul melts. This should be understood.

How is it that when Grace shines, Divine Bliss is experienced and the experience blossoms into fullness?

When butter and fire emerge, their true nature is experienced and becomes full. Likewise it should be understood that Divinely Bliss becomes full.

When does melting of soul express in a being regarding other beings?

The melting of the soul occurs in a being on seeing, hearing about or knowing about the sufferings of beings from hunger, from being killed, from disease, danger, thirst, fear, poverty and desire.

Hunger is part of the physical body's fire, the effect of the illusion which differentiates. When food is not offered it burns the nature of the sense organs and the instruments within the body (like mind etc.) and those outside the body like limbs - by seizing the stomach; it makes the knowledge diminish and is the prime cause for expelling the soul from the body. Killing is a very cruel action of the illusion which differentiates whose effect is separating the physical elements, creating a great stir and violent shaking, by dislocating the senses and instruments inside and outside the body by various torturing instruments or weapons emaciating the knowledge, resulting in the expulsion of the soul from the body. Disease is the result of changes in the physical body, effect of the varying nature of the illusion caused by the changes in the proportion of air (vaatha), bile (pitha) and phlegm (sleshma) in the body weakening the sense organs and the instruments inside and outside the body and emaciating the knowledge resulting in the expulsion of the soul from the body. The obstacles preventing the enjoyment of physical pleasure, caused by the ego, forgetfulness and change in the deeds done, are known as danger. Fear is the shivering caused to instruments and knowledge, when things happen which may cause damage to the tools like body etc. Poverty is the inability to obtain the facilities like education, wealth etc., by one's own freedom. Desire is the obsession of the mind, which goes on thinking of the pleasures which it wants to enjoy, as they are rare to attain.

Among these hunger and killing are called the prime obstacles as they obstruct, all the three kinds of Bliss namely the Bliss of this world, the celestial Bliss and the Supreme Bliss. Disease, fear danger and poverty are known as secondary obstacles because they obstruct a little both the bliss of this world and the celestial Bliss. Desire is known as the lowest grade of obstacle, because it obstructs a little the worldly pleasure.

What is the power of showing compassion to the living beings?:

The power of compassion is to remove the obstacles like hunger, killing etc, because of which compassion arises towards a being, so that, that being does not suffer.

What is the benefit of compassion?

The benefit of compassion is to create bliss in lives.

It can be found in the third part the outline, quality, nature and details of this compassion on living beings:

- Original Jeeva Karunya Ozhukkam is in Tamil and it was translated by Smt.Sethu, Sadhana Nikentan, Kumbakonam

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